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Some cool unique things to do in los angeles images:

Occupy Los Angeles, Oct 2011 – 45
unique things to do in los angeles
Image by Ed Yourdon
Note: this photo was published in a Nov 1, 2011 issue of Everyblock NYC zipcodes blog titled "90012."

Note: I chose this photo, among the 20 that I uploaded to Flickr on the morning of Nov 1, 2011, as my "photo of the day." There’s nothing unique or particularly special about it, but I liked the sense of cameraderie and pleasure shown on the faces of the three girls. It looks almost as if they’re sharing gossip about the awful geeks they had gone out on a date with during the previous evening — with each of them saying, "Oh, yeah? Well, my date was geekier than yours! Let me tell you about …"


After visiting the Occupy Wall Street (OWS) protest gathering in Zuccotti Park last week (which you can see in this Flickr site), I thought I would have a good idea of what to expect when I decided to visit the Occupy Los Angeles gathering outside City Hall in Los Angeles early Saturday morning. And to some extent, I was right: the protest was still focused on the excesses of the richest and most powerful 1% of the population, as well as corruption and paralysis in Washington.

But New York and Los Angeles are obviously on opposite sides of the country — and in some respects, the two protests were completely different. It was already pleasantly warm when I showed up at 8:30 in the morning, and the previous evening had been seasonably mild; by contrast, it wet and freezing cold in New York City, with the earliest snow-fall in over 150 years making life somewhat miserable for the hundreds of shivering protesters who squatted under a long blue tarp that had been stretched over the food kitchen.

The mild weather may explain the first visible difference that I saw between the two "occupy" gatherings: there were many more tents in Los Angeles, each one seeming to hold three or four people who were just beginning to poke their heads out, sniffing the air for the presence of coffee or food that they could use to break their overnight fast. There was no need for heavy coats or hats or mittens; all I saw in Los Angeles was a few sweaters and light jackets. A visitor to my Flickr site jokingly asked why I had not photographed one of the (female) protesters in a topless outfit, and why none of the people were nude. Well, if that was going to happen, it would have happened in Los Angeles, not New York; and as for Los Angeles, the most extreme clothing I saw was one woman wearing a fairly un-revealing bikini top. Hardly the stuff of Woodstock; so much for the idea of sex, drugs, and rock-n-roll at these gatherings.

Speaking of rock-n-roll: there was none. But in Los Angeles, there were a lot more people with guitars. And mandolins, and fiddles, and even someone with a flute. Some of them played quietly, for their own amusement; but several of them drifted together beneath a statue that led up the stairs to the front entrance of City Hall, and jammed extemporaneously, with several simple, but enjoyable songs. I video-recorded several of these musical efforts, and I’ll combine all of them together into a "composite" music-video on YouTube.

Another difference between Los Angeles and New YOrk involved the presence of cameras. Quite simply, there were many more in New York, and while I did not see any major-media journalists or reporters, there did seem to be a number of quasi-professional independent journalists who were not only photographing and recording everything they could see, but also interviewing everyone who looked interesting. Not so, in Los Angeles; yes, there were a few people with video cameras and DSLR still cameras (including me), but I only saw one or two interviews taking place. Ironically, I was one of the people interviewed: an earnest young man told me he was taking a class that required him to interview photographers at the protest gathering, and he wanted to know what I thought of the whole scene.

So I told him, in a summary fashion, what I had already written in the notes accompanying my OWS Flickr set, and I told him that I thought the Los Angeles gathering was quieter, with less energy, and more people just wandering around somewhat aimlessly. There were no speeches, there was no shouting, and there was almost no police presence. I did see two cops standing at the top of the stairs leading to the front entrance of of City Hall, but they vanished about half an hour after I arrived.

One last note, which may strike some readers as biased or unfair — but I saw what I saw: several people wandered down the various sidewalks leading out of City Hall Park … and then returned via the same sidewalks, ten or fifteen minutes later, carrying a large cup of Starbucks coffee. The revolution, it seems, runs on Starbucks.

That’s when I began focusing on the clothing worn by the protesters. As noted above, it was obviously much warmer than it was in New York City, so perhaps I should not have been surprised to see half a dozen or more people wandering around barefoot. But the other thing that struck me was how carefully several of the people were dressed, and how much attention they seemed to have spent to make their physical appearance look appropriately fashionable, while simultaneously being disheveled and hippy. Like I said, I might be biased: you can look at the pictures and judge for yourself.

I spent more time here than I did in New York — roughly three hours before I decided that I had seen everything there was to see. But as a result, I got a lot more pictures – some 700+ still pictures, and a dozen video clips. I’ve winnowed it down, as best I could, to 200 keepers. Enjoy!

Had to once
unique things to do in los angeles
Image by Neil Kremer
LA is huge, I mean really big and vast. Other cities I’ve lived in have the; wow, that’s an entire street I never saw before feel. In LA, it’s the wow, that’s a city I never knew about and it’s only 8 miles from my house. Anywho, I always see these lights in photographs but never knew how to find them. I bumped into them last night. I had to stand in front of them for 20 minutes thinking of a unique way to photograph them. Well, without a crane or airplane, it can’t be done. This is all I got.

This forest of city street lights, called “Urban Light” was created by artist Chris Burden. Despite initial appearances, the arrangement is not a perfect grid. Depending on where the viewer stands, the lamps arrange themselves in different angles and arrays.

These 202 cast iron lamps once lit the streets of Los Angeles. Burden bought one at the Rose Bowl flea market, and soon collecting and restoring street lights became an obsession. He painted them all the same neutral gray, in order to draw the eye to all the different varieties of cast iron decoration.

Burden says that street lamps like these were symbols of a civilized and sophisticated city—safe after dark and beautiful to behold. The lights all still work, and they are now powered by solar energy. They are switched on every night at dusk, until 10pm. At night, Burden says his sculpture becomes transformed into “a building with a roof of light.”

Los Angeles Visit, Photowalk, Hans Zimmer, and Talks at Google and Stanford!
unique things to do in los angeles
Image by Stuck in Customs
Los Angeles Photowalk, Sponsored by Bay Photo, evening of Jan 27!
You are all welcome to meet me at 4 PM on at the San Clemente pier! We will have a nice photowalk through sunset, which is around 5:20 PM. All skill levels, from beginner to master are welcome. A photowalk is just a laid-back event where we stroll around, take photos, and discuss the art of life and whatnot… I was considering giving a talk that night as well, but we don’t have a nearby venue in mind. Maybe one of you has an idea for this…

A big thanks to Bay Photo, who is sponsoring the event. I’m going to be looking deeply into their metal prints very soon and give you a full report.

If you want to come, please leave a comment at…

Hans Zimmer, we Must Meet!
Has anyone read Atlas Shrugged and remember the great composer therein named Richard Halley? One of the heroes of the book mysteriously follows him around the world… I envision this dream-state with Hans Zimmer. In fact, I have a most wonderful project in mind that would be unique and right up his alley.

I saw this Hans Zimmer Video Interview about his new Sherlock Holmes soundtrack. It was very interesting to hear him talk about this stuff… I have all of his music starred and in special playlists, depending on my mood… In fact, I made a Hanz Zimmer iTunes iMix there on the right for you of some of my favorites. On occasion, I meet a fellow photographer that also loves Hans, and we have an instant connection that is difficult to describe.

Look at Zimmer’s recording studio (Thanks @Tatorandtots for the link). Amazing. Of course, I could take a much better photo of it… but that is neither here nor there. My photography studio (only on paper for my upcoming home in New Zealand) will make a wonderful attempt to be a tiny bit cooler, only insofar as I want a window that looks at a beautiful landscape (which can be closed for absolute darkness whilst the post-processing is in full swing).

See my other mixes on Trey’s Music List – Coming up soon – Ambient New Age, World Music, and other unexpected things…

Speaking at Google HQ, Stanford, and errrrr – something in the "Cupertino area"
The topic is "The Unexpected Art and Science of HDR Photography".

Although I can’t discuss the latter, I can describe the talks I have at the Google HQ and Stanford. If you know someone at either institution, perhaps they can get you in. These are all closed, private events, but if you have some good Silicon Valley contacts, maybe you can make it happen. The presentation will be quite different than one might expect… I think it might prompt everyone to see the world from a slightly different perspective – I think we are finally getting to a spot where art and science can come back together in a natural way.

The talk at Google will be recorded in High Def and put on YouTube for the you all to see after everything gets edited together.
Daily Photo – California in the Morning
I woke up early one morning in the hotel to drive down to the seaside in San Luis Obispo to catch the sunrise. It’s really beautiful and peaceful there. I’m not really a morning person — this much should be known… more of a night-owl. But, maybe if I lived in California I might actually wake up early to catch the light of these sunrises.

I know I get many requests to be my assistant — but you don’t understand how bad it would be… I’d make you do things like wake up even before me, get me coffee, warm up the car, and all other sorts of things that you’d probably resent after a while… People seem to get over-enthusiastic about being my assistant, so I try to tell them bad things like this to dissuade them!

And below is a shot from a hotel I stayed in last time I was in LA… they have this cool outside firepit. I need more firepits in my life….

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