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A few wonders of Los Angeles

A few wonders of Los Angeles

Who benefits from using


The question should be, who doesn’t?! We have put together a nifty little package here! The following are just those who can benefit most! Our goal is to continue to expand and grow our Independent Music community by leaps and bounds!


You can submit your music or artistry to be played on one of the 10 channels we have. You can have a profile listed on our directory, and with our listener base on EVERY station growing everyday, the odds of your music getting heard by future fans is 100%! Come be a part of OurCityRadio right here in Your City!


You can buy ad space on the revolutionary network of ourcityradio.com on the website and/or radio stations. There are show sponsorship opportunities and the unlimited potential to grow your customer base, whether you are a brick and mortar shop or an online e-commerce site!


You can hear some of the most talented artists from your area and support local artists in their quest for more exposure! Several of our good friends have established careers since becoming part of our family, several years and several domain names ago! The talent that has poured over these airwaves have been truly amazing over the years and you can say you heard them here first!


You can find awesome deals and great businesses that advertise with us. With cities popping up everywhere, the deals, coupons and offers the businesses here on OurCityRadio are providing leave the guess work out of finding the greatest deals in your area!

Small / Home-Based Business Owners

You can place your companies in various cities to gain traffic and/or backlinks. From the blogging system to placing events, a built in newsletter to artist and business directories, all with fully functioning, self sustaining radio stations all using the incredible power of WordPress and our revolutionary quick indexing, OurCityRadio is the perfect platform to advertise any network! With individual customizations available, using OurCityRadio as a networking tool is the perfect solution for small to medium and online businesses! Contact us and see how our win-win, ever growing network can help you today!

No matter what you do, where you are from, or what your situation is, Our City Radio
uses the universal language of music to bring people together, to work in harmony,
and to help us power our lives through unity and co-operation!
Be Aware, Spread the Love, and Change the Frequency on


See you inside

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